Meet our gorgeous mare, Lucy! Lucy lives here at The Weekend Farm. She is one of our two-year-old ABCA and AKC registered pure-bred Border Collies. Lucy joined The Weekend Farm as a puppy, but brought years of wit with her! Lucy is our brave and bold girl, but her love for people balances her stubborn nature. This girl has some serious brain power and instinct that amazes us every day. She's truly a loyal and dedicated companion that loves to work, learn and play with her people! She has a gorgeous white and black coat, brown eyes, and weighs about 35 pounds. Lucy is clear for all genetic diseases as well as clearances for Hips/Elbows/Heart and Eyes. We are so excited to welcome Lucy's litter late April, early May and know her mini Bordoodle puppies will not only be so cute, but as smart and hard-working as this amazing mom! We can't wait to share her puppies with you!