Ready to Adopt a Mini Bordoodle Puppy?

Learn the Breed:

Coat: Loose silky curls, non-shed, and hypoallergenic

Life Span: averages between 13-16 years

Size: average 25-35 pounds, and 16-20 inches tall

Temperament: If you’re wanting an easy to train dog that is highly intelligent, cute as a teddy bear, athletic, affectionate, loyal and the perfect breed for family and service dogs alike, then you will love the Weekend Farm's Bordoodle temperament!

Colors: While the health and temperament of our dogs are our top priority, The Weekend Farm also specializes in producing gorgeous colors of dogs

  • Apricot

  • Muddy Merle

  • Blue Merle

  • Traditional Black and White

  • Chocolate Sable

  • Red

  • Brown Tricolor

  • Black Tricolor

Know what to Expect:

Our puppies are always seen by veterinarian to include the following before they go to their new home:

  • Vitals check

  • 5-in-1 Vaccine + Lepto

  • Intestinal Parasite Screening

  • Deworming

Additionally, all puppies are microchipped! This allows your puppy to be easily identified by vets, the humane society, and independent animal welfare institutions.

When you come to our home to pick up your puppy, a part of our heart leaves with you. For this reason, we will take a special photo for your family that we can send you digitally as a keepsake.

Your take-home packet will include copies of your paperwork, microchip registry information, medical record, and come with information to schedule continued vaccinations to keep your puppy healthy and safe.

Place a Deposit:

  • Once your application has been approved and we've answered all your questions, your deposit can be made

  • Between five and six weeks old, in the order that deposits were received, families may pick their puppy. For example, if you are the 3rd person to place a deposit on an upcoming litter, you will receive 3rd pick of said litter, 4th deposit will receive 4th pick, and so on

  • Your pick-up date can be no earlier than when your puppy is 8-weeks old. We can schedule this day any time after the puppies are born.

  • Once the puppies are born and after the first week, you can expect to receive weekly pictures and/or videos of the puppies from The Weekend Farm!

  • Your final payment is due on or before your pick-up date. If paying by check, payment must be paid at the time of the litter pick to allow adequate time to clear through our bank