Where Every day is the Weekend

Welcome to The Weekend Farm!

The Weekend Farm is a registered farm through the USDA, owned and operated by husband and wife, Barb and Mike. Established in 2016, this couple pursued their dream of making every day feel like the weekend -- forgetting the bustle and having a chance to enjoy life to the fullest. The Weekend Farm was established to pursue their true passion in a profession surrounded by respect for the land, plants and animals of the earth. Although raised with a knowledge for farming, they both worked traditional careers and put their dreams on hold. Finally, they retired and began their only job with creation as their manual and a true connection to family as their goal.

As a family-operated breeder, The Weekend Farm is truly the best of the best. With professionalism, experience, and a true passion for providing exceptional animals, you can expect near perfection. Please take your time exploring our page. We hope our beloved animals at the farm make you feel as though you have left the week day behind and give you that weekend feel, even if just for a short while!